Domicile365 App

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The Domicile365 Application helps companies, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities track the locations where their employees were located on each day during relevant tax periods to better manage the organization's multi-state, city and country tax exposures including but not limited to payroll income tax withholding, nexus/permanent establishment and corporate income allocation.

Many states require income tax withholding from payroll if an employee spends as little as one working day in a state. Other states require income tax withholding for in state work ranging from a few days to 30 or more days.

Set an unlimited number of alerts by Country, State, City or Province. Receive alerts by email and local notification on your phone as your reach various day thresholds. Check your alerts at any time.

Location generally recorded in 15 minute increments using the highest level of accuracy supported by your phone.

Search by dates. Email detailed logs containing all recorded locations showing your location generally in 15 minute increments.

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