Domicile365 App

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Track your days spent in various locations for tax, homestead, exemption and other compliance purposes. Track by Country, State, City and/or Province.

Set an unlimited number of alerts by Country, State, City or Province. Receive alerts by email and local notification on your phone as your reach various day thresholds. Check your alerts at any time.

Location generally recorded in 15 minute increments using the highest level of accuracy supported by your phone.

Search by dates. Email detailed logs containing all recorded locations showing your location generally in 15 minute increments.

Manually enter missing dates for time periods before you activated app for more complete analysis.

Separate Calculator to check U.S. residency day count using special 3 year averaging rule.

Jurisdictions have become increasingly aggressive in asserting residency status. The burden of proof is generally on you to establish how many days you spent in and outside the jurisdiction. Use this app to help carry your burden of proof and evidence what your day count is. With states and cities increasing their tax rates to all time highs (California: 13.3%, New York State: 8.82%, etc...), the stakes have never been higher.

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